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How to Upgrade Android Phone to Latest Version

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How to upgrade Android is really needed because smartphones will get many new features of system operation and also support updates from various applications. Now there are many Android versions such as Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and Android P releases. Of course, it’s important to know Android upgrades to certain system operations above it from various versions above.

Indeed, the operating system upgrade is strongly influenced by smartphone vendors where not all get the latest version of the operating system. The operating system update cycle stops quickly because many smartphones are released each year so the need for specifications increases. Many of us have encountered old series smartphones that do not have support for system operation upgrades. But as long as consumers have the latest smartphone devices guaranteed to get the latest os.

To upgrade the latest version, a stable connection is needed, both wifi and cellular data. If the wifi is not connected, then the risk is that the upgrade process will be corrupted even if the failure causes the bootlop or smartphone to die completely. Therefore, beforehand, make sure to move the data to the SD Card or other storage media so that the file is safe. Of course, when the process fails, make sure the smartphone can still enter recovery mode if not then the hardware damage that we will face.

Of course, Android upgrades must be done correctly so there is no risk of damage to the smartphone. The perfect upgrade process will make all smartphone functions work well. Indeed an Android upgrade can be done with an OTA alias connected to the internet, using certain software and connecting it to a PC or laptop. The safest is an upgrade via OTA because it is directly from the smartphone and if an error occurs it can still return to the factory reset.

How to Upgrade Android for All Phones

How to upgrade Android

As stated above, make sure that the internet connection is running smoothly and stable. Because each firmware has a different size of upgrade, it is usually 50 MB, so the internet that is not broken is needed. Also, make sure the battery is full so that the upgrade process will not be disturbed just because the smartphone is off. To find out some ways to upgrade Android that can be done, please refer to the following review.

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1. How to Upgrade Android Via OTA (Over the Air)

How to upgrade Android

  • Please connect a smartphone with Wi-Fi, modem or cellular data that has a stable connection
  • Open the settings menu on the smartphone
  • Look for the About Device menu or About Device
  • Go to the Software Update or Software Firmware Update menu
  • Please tap Check for Updates or Check Updates to search for updates
  • If there is a firmware update, please tap Update to upgrade Android
  • The next step is to tap Install to start the download and installation of the new os
  • Wait until the process is complete then the Android smartphone will automatically restart
  • After restarting, please check whether the firmware version has been updated
  • Upgrade complete

2. How to Upgrade Android Via OTA without Eliminating Root

  • The first step, please download the FlashFire application  on an Android smartphone that is Root
  • Open the Flashfire application then the system will automatically provide notifications when there is the latest OS update
  • The next step is to download OS updates without installing
  • If the download is complete, please open Flash Fire
  • FlashFire will automatically scan to detect the latest OS updates
  • Then FlashFire will display the update that was downloaded earlier, just tap OK
  • In the next menu there is an update option, select one and tap Flash
  • A pop-up warning will appear, just press OK
  • When the process goes on the smartphone screen will be black several times so don’t worry
  • In addition, when the process will appear scrolling text that indicates the update is running
  • After finishing the process, please restart the smartphone and complete

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3. How to Upgrade Android Via Computer

How to upgrade Android

  • Indeed, for each website offers a different system, there are those who have to fill in device information or register the device to get updates
  • Open the official website from your smartphone
  • Look for the Support and download menu
  • Please download and install the smartphone vendor’s default software on your laptop or PC. Each vendor offers different software, for example from Samsung, there are Kies, Sony has Xperia Companion, Huawei with Hisuite and many others.
  • Back to the website, please find the firmware that matches your smartphone on the Support or Download page
  • If everything is ready, then open the software from the smartphone default vendor
  • Connect the smartphone to a computer or laptop using a data cable, make sure that after connecting it has been detected in the software
  • In the vendor’s default software, please look for the update at the top of the drop-down menu
  • Please click Update to start the Android upgrade
  • Follow all instructions on the computer screen until the process is complete

4. How to Upgrade Android with Root ROM

How to upgrade Android

  • The first step is to find the software used for root
  • Many people use software such as Kingroot, Kingoroot, Oneclickroot, and others
  • Choose software that really matches the smartphone model that you have
  • Please download and install the software by following the instructions on the computer screen
  • Please connect the smartphone to a computer with a data cable
  • Software rooting will automatically detect your smartphone, then please run root
  • If the root process is complete, restart the android device
  • After restarting the operating system will run on the latest version

5. How to Upgrade Android with a Custom Room

How to upgrade Android

  • Search for a custom ROM that matches your smartphone online
  • Download the latest custom ROM OS version and place it on the SD Card
  • Enter recovery mode
  • In the recovery mode menu, please select Wipe data or factory reset
  • The next step is Cache partition
  • After finishing tap the advance option then wipe Dalvik cache
  • If everything is done please return to the main menu
  • On the main menu please select install zip from sd card
  • Please find the custom ROM file that was saved on the SD Card then select it
  • Then the custom ROM install process will run
  • Wait a few moments, if you install the custom ROM successfully, please restart the smartphone
  • After restarting, please enjoy the new OS with a cool look

How to upgrade Android above can be done for all smartphone brands. Indeed, every smartphone has different software but the same outline. By upgrading the operating system we can get the latest look and features and support for the application update. Before upgrading, secure the data first and also don’t forget to prepare a stable internet connection.

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